My Top Nine Sketches 2018 on Instagram

1 Porto, 2 Berlin (RDV du Carnet de Voyage, Clermont-Ferrand), 3 Venice, 
4 Mainz, 5 Porto, 6 Hamburg, 
7 Liège, 8 Santander, 9 Mainz/Mayence

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Sonntagsskizzen (21/2018) - "Berlin - The Wall revisited"

My accordion Sketch Booklet "Berlin - The Wall revisited" has been printed!
I am very happy that it has been finished in time for the travel sketchbook fair "Rendez-Vous de Carnet de Voyage" in Clermont-Ferrand.

It shows my sketches - following the wall strip TODAY from Bernauer Straße in Wedding to Schlesischer Busch in Treptow.
Impressions and thoughts that I encountered in my search for the (almost) disappeared Wall.
Texts in English language.

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